About us

At Altus we love what we do and are driven by a deep passion for elevating everyone’s working day.

At Altus, our people are driven by a laser-sharp focus on making your work matter.

With a deep understanding of what people and organisation’s need, we couple subject matter expertise with technical knowhow to bring order to work and deliver confidence to those who use our solution.

Since 2009, we have delivered hundreds of solutions to organisations across the enterprise and public sectors, elevating the way they work to achieve immediate business value.

Our design experts and developers love what they do, continually challenging themselves to find new and innovative ways of solving work problems. Coupled with our ‘people first’ approach, this creates a collaborative environment of continuous improvement focused on bringing you the best solutions possible.

We look forward to elevating your work with Altus.

The team behind Altus

Altus is built on the Microsoft platform. Partnering with the best brings value to our clients to help them leverage their technology investment.

With one of the largest, most experienced and well-respected teams delivering the full suite of cloud-based Microsoft Portfolio, Program, Project and Work Management technologies, Altus leverages the Microsoft Power Platform to increase our clients’ innovation and success.

Altus is a Microsoft Preferred Solution and members of our team reside on the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council (PAC) – a group of select partners from around the world (of which we are the only participating partner in the APAC region). 

When you work with Microsoft technology, the Altus team helps you to make the most of your investment.

Our Microsoft partnership

Our values

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We care deeply about people

We are passionate experts


Our innovations advance our industry

We are easy to work with


We create value in every relationship


We keep promises

Altus is the Latin word for raised above the usual level. Supporting our vision of Making Work Matter, Altus ensures that our work transforms and elevates peoples working day for the better.

The meaning behind our name

Awards & recognition

Project Management Achievement awards 2022
Goodman Award for Excellence in Strategy 2022
Microsoft Preferred Solution since 2021

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